3 Questions you need to ask yourself for 10 Years Of Success

First of all, let me wish you not only a Happy New Year
but also a Happy New Decade.
Before Xmas I sent you a few emails about taking the time to think about what you want to create in the coming year.
But decades only come around every ten years or so 🙂
So it's also a fantastic time to really dive into some ideas about where you would like to be in 10 years from now.
The last 3 weeks I've been in Hawaii for a family wedding…
(No that's not a euphemism for hunting down Scomo to send him home and tell him to do his job!
Although I did keep an eye out for him)
Then I flew to NZ for another family thing.
Got sick as a dog on the plane so I've had a week and a half to spend the time thinking about this year and the next 10…
I thought about the HARD questions… Like:
Where was I 10 years ago… and where did I want to be 10 years from then? (So… like, now!)
It's easy to project all your dreams and wishes into the future.
It's ages away… and so kind-of less of a concern…
But when you look back at where you'd hoped to be from 10 years ago… and get honest about how well you did with that plan.
Well… it can be a painful thing to look at for many people.
Unless you're living your dream life… living your true nature and purpose… then it can seem that life is a bit sucky.
Of course, that may not be the case for you…
Maybe you achieved all that you wanted to achieve in that time.
If that's the case… Fantastic! Well done. You legend!
If that's not the case… here's the next big question:
What is different about where you are right now?
Will you be doing the same thing this decade? or will you be doing things different?
Do you have a solid plan to take you to where you want to go?
Have you mapped out (at least the first few) steps to get you to that result?
Have you worked out what you need to do… know… achieve along the way to support that journey?
A plan itself won't necessarily get you there… not having a plan definitely won't!
The way I look at it… Life can be unpredictable.
When you look at the fires raging around the country right now it's easy to see that despite the best plans… sometimes can sometimes throw you a curveball… (or even a total disaster…)
It can also throw you unexpected wins… surprises and even miracles.
The point is the only thing you have control of is how you respond to what's going on around you… and how you set your sails to make the most of the current conditions.
You do what you can with what you've got… and you take steps to give yourself the best possible chance of getting to where you want to go.
Everything you do to improve your chances to get to your end goal will… well…
It will improve your chances, right?
There are no guarantees… but if you eat right… you'll improve your chances of remaining healthy for longer.
If you invest, you'll improve your chances of reaching your financial goals… (compared to simply spending all your income).
If you educate yourself around the subjects you want to improve in… you improve your chances of getting better, or getting better results.
The people that I've taught my commerical property investing skills to are focusing on wealth… and this is the vehicle they use to create wealth.
If you stay active, you improve your chances of keeping fitter and staying active…
Stay active and you'll stay active… makes sense right?
Invest for wealth and you'll (be in the position to) invest for more wealth.
Commit to eating well, and you'll eat well.
These things can be both the journey and the end result.
Meaning you can get what you want in the end… but you can also start getting that end result immediately.
Just like investing in commercial property…
Get the wealth… get the growth…
But also get the lifestyle improving cashflow now as well.
Anyway, that's my goal and my focus.
You're reading my blog – so I imagine it's on your radar as well.
We're talking 10 years… but we're also talking now!
Just have a think about how fast the last 10 years have gone!
There's no time to waste… get your plans in place, get your resources and education in place…
and dive in!
BTW if you are affected by the fires or near enough to be scary… Stay safe!
These things can be bloody unpredictable. You and your family's safety is the most important thing. My thoughts are with you.
In a day or two, I return to Byron… I hope my house is still there!
Chat to you in a few days once I settle back in.
Get planning – get moving.
chat soon

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