Warren Buffet And The 6 Reasons Commercial Property Is Now A Great Investment

Warren Buffet is well regarded as the greatest investor of all time. He’s made more money than anybody else in the world through investing. Needless to say Warren has a model for successful investing that starts with his #1 rule “Only invest in things you understand.” If he understands something he will invest in it – if he does not, he won’t. Sounds simple enough, right? But here’s why he has that rule: This rule give’s him the investing edge to get predictable results… and …

Why choose commercial property over residential?

Why choose commercial property over residential? So why choose commercial property over residential? Obviously this is the question every residential investor asks… whenever they are considering the transition across to commercial property. However, you will quickly discover the reasons are rather compelling. Reason #1: Your tenants stay for longer For the most part, you find residential tenancies will be on a month-by-month basis… maybe 6 months, perhaps for a year if you’re lucky. Whereas commercial leases will tend to range between 3 and 5 years …

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Deal Review Newcastle

As Newcastle turns around I wanted to share this information memorandum about a property there that was for sale so you get to see what a good Information memorandum looks like and what you can glean about a property from it. This property search video is an example of what my students get from me on a regular basis to help them become successful investing in commercial property. To start your commercial property education check out my next free online webinar:

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Deal Review

Here’s a deal review from last September where I look at a property that I saw come up for under $1M. In this video I explore some of the factors you need to consider when investing in commercial property. My students get videos like this every couple of weeks, usually reviewing several properties at a time, from around the country. To find out more check out my next webinar:    

Commercial Property shares better than residential -AMP’s Shane Oliver

Commercial Property shares better than residential -AMP’s Shane Oliver by Larry Schlesinger The longer term outlook for Australian residential investment property is “messy”, with price growth likely to be constrained because housing is “expensive” and offers very low returns compared with shares and commercial property, says AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver. “Housing is expensive on all metrics and offers very low rental yields compared to all other assets except bank deposits and Government bonds,” Dr Oliver wrote in a new analysis paper following the …

Who’s Really Investing In Commercial Property

Since the global financial crisis there has been a decrease in commercial property prices, resulting in higher yields. This has attracted a growing number of investors to consider commercial property as an appealing addition to their portfolios. Calculating a strong return Part of what is attracting new investors is the proportionally high yields that can be achieved from commercial property investments. A yield is calculated by dividing the property’s net yearly rent by the purchase price. Divide the net yearly rent by the purchase price to calculate the return on investment. So, …