Common Commercial Questions Answered

Here’s a podcast with some common questions that seem to come up all the time – Taken from a recent Q&A session with my commercial inventing students. When I see the same question coming up again and again it tells me that this is part of the various incorrect myths about commercial property that exist out there. So in the spirit of Myth Busting… Listen to this.

[PODCAST] Warnings and Tips About Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are a very powerful document in Australia – almost like a mortgage. If you are going to get involved in commercial this is something you MUST know about in detail. Your lease can be the greatest document ever or it can be the biggest nightmare you ever had if you don’t have one done right. Check out today’s podcast where I explore some of these issues.

[PODCAST] Positive Cashflow Deal Review – Live deal selling now

Here is a review of a deal that is live and selling right now (at the time of writing). It’s a good looking commercial deal with a strong tenant and good long term potential. AS it stands it about 70k net returns (after all expenses but before mortgage payments) . After loan repayments this would still be strongly positively cashflowed with longterm lease options. (I do these deal reviews regularly for students as video reviews, with pdf details and documents, contact details and strategy ideas …

Winner of the Podcast Contest

Contest Winner Last month I ran a contest for new subscribers of my podcast. To enter you had to be a subscriber to my podcast and leave an honest review… Pretty simple right? The main prize was full access to my commercial property cash flow blueprint course and membership. Here’s the lucky winner: Peggy Mitchell holding the physical part of the course. I called Peggy personally to let her know she’d won and welcome her to the program – she was over the moon. Congratulations …

[PODCAST] What Malcolm Turnbull Could Mean For Australian Property Investing

It may be a little too early to tell exactly what Turnbull means by becoming an agile country and responding to change. However seeing a guy in the “top job” who is not only a self-made millionaire but also has a strong property investment portfolio, including commercial property… well it gives me some hope… From 33 years in the trenches though, I share what I really think will happen.

[PODCAST] 10 Ways To Quickly Add Value To Your Commercial Property

Adding value to your commercial property doesn’t have to be a case of waiting for the market to grow. There are an enormous number of ways you can add value to your property quickly, some of them won’t cost you a cent but can give you a pile of extra equity to play with. In this podcast I discuss just 10 ideas that could add tens if not 100’s of thousands of dollars to the value of your property.  

Why Commercial Property Is Like A Luxury Yacht

I was once looking at buying a luxury yacht and I was surprised to find out how much like buying commercial property buying a yacht is. It was noticeable because it’s quite a different system to buying a residential house in a way. It all comes down to the due diligence and how you negotiate the deal. In today’s podcast I talk about why due diligence is not only critical (yes, we all know that right?) but why it can turn a bad deal into …

[PODCAST] What Kind Of Commercial Property Can I Buy And What Are My Returns?

In this week’s podcast, I explore different levels of property you can afford depending on the different levels of equity you have available. At each stage I show you the returns you’ll get back from each investment. I’ll show you both your expected Net Returns as well as what you pocket every year by investing in commercial property.  

[PODCAST] Buy A Commercial Property With 9% Cashflow With None Of Your Own Money

It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does you want to be prepared and know how to take advantage of the opportunity… I’m talking about Vendor Fiance   Vendor finance is when you can get the existing owner to contribute the deposit to get finance for the property, or even more sometimes. You’d obviously have to pay them back personally at some later stage, but it can get you into a property with none of your own money and get you some cash flow …