Essential YOU test: Should you really be rich?

I got a call from a friend the other day.

Apparently he got pulled over late one evening.

The cop asked him:

“You drinking?:

And he replied “You buying?”

After they both finished laughing and laughing, my mate called me and asked if he could borrow bail money.

…Nah that didn’t really happen… Just thought it was funny.

And I didn’t make it about me (which would have been funnier) because no-one would believe that I didn’t have enough to cover my own bail.

That’s the gift of having done well and having plenty of cash flowing in.

I know they reckon that “money is the root of all evil” but really I believe it’s a bit of propaganda from the Vatican to make people satisfied with their meagre lot.

While the Vatican cashes in and becomes the richest city and power centre in the world.

(Anyone see some double standards happening there)

Yeah, yeah – I know that it’s a bit of a conspiracy theory… And if it helps you can picture me sitting at my computer wearing a tinfoil hat, but the whole thing smells kinda fishy if you ask me.

Personally I find that money just makes people more of what they already are.

If someone’s a grabby, greedy scumbag then becoming wealthy is only going to make him accentuate those personality traits.

If someone is generous, fun-loving and adventurous, money is only going to facilitate more of those behaviours.

It’s a bit like alcohol.

You know how some people are belligerent drunks and some people get drunk and become funnier, or more loving…

…can I get an “I love you man!”

Well it seems to me that money is much the same thing.

Perhaps some people just shouldn’t be rich, while others definitely should be.

Who was it that said “I’ve never been a millionaire but I know I’d be just darling at it!“?

I dunno – someone funny.

Alcohol and money seems to unleash the “Shadow” to the part of ourselves that we tend to hide away from the world.

There are very few people who are fully themselves in the light of day and in public… We are all taught to temper who we are to be more “Acceptable”.

So It makes me wonder if that has a lot to do with many people’s resistance to become wealthy and taking the steps you need to take to get there.

…kind of like they see their inner true-self as untrustworthy, or unpredictable and don’t want to give it the opportunity to run rampant.

It feels like sometimes people don’t trust that they can hold it together and still be themselves if they change too much, or become too rich, or even become more than they were brought up to be…

It’s true that you may change your friends as you create more wealth… Some people just won’t be able to handle the change in you… Don’t worry… You’ll 100% find people who can handle your greatness.

Challenge you in it even…to become even bigger and better.

But I think the main thing… the big obstacles people unconsciously shy away from is not believing in their own ability to handle it…

The media loves stories of famous people who can’t handle the fame and fortune and crash and burn… Britney… Bieber… Miley Cyrus… The list goes on.

But these are not the usual situation.

So let me ask you this…

What kind of drunk are you?

If you have a few drinks and turn into an idiot – perhaps being rich is not for you.

But if you tend to love, humour, generosity, openness, adventure, fun and joy… Then trust that in yourself…

If you break through your self-imposed obstacles and start creating big cash flow and wealth… You’re only going to become MORE awesome…

And we all need more of that in the world!

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