If you are interested in accessing the high returns you can get from Commercial property investing then you need to realise that there is a lot you need to know before you start.

It is for this reason that I created my Commercial Property Investing Blueprint.
Here are some of the questions that regularly come in about the course
so I thought I'd answer them for you.


[icon type=”comments-o”] How long is the course (many of these courses are 12 months) and what happens to my access after a year?

No, I decided to give you lifetime access to the training material. I want this to be an ongoing community of support for commercial investors so I intend to continue to produce ongoing material which you will also have access to.

[icon type=”comments-o”] Can I contact you to ask you questions?

Yes and no… In the members area is an email address you can use to contact me directly, however, I want my answers to benefit everyone in the program so all questions will be answered either on the monthly Q&A webinars, on momentum power session videos or in hot tips section where everybody can see them. That way everyone can read the question and get the answer.


I run monthly Q&A webinars where you can directly ask me questions and I will answer them on the spot.

[icon type=”comments-o”] Get I get you to review properties I'm looking at

If you send me a property you want my assessment on I can take a look at it but, I will do so on one of the above formats so that everyone can benefit from seeing how I approach investigating new investments. (I can do this however without letting on the address etc to everyone so that the particular details of the property remain private)

[icon type=”comments-o”] Can you help me find a property?

I'm not a property broker. I regularly record online search videos with properties that I believe have potential. In those videos I go through what I believe the potential of the property is and what you need to look at to confirm it's viability, but you must do all your own due diligence and are responsible for making all your own decisions. That's why I suggest you study my training and learn how to assess each of these properties for yourself.

These properties I find are available for sale and you can go ahead and buy them, but my students learn what to look for and are empowered to go out and find properties for themselves.