Sex Drive and Success

When I was younger and had more energy than I do now, I did a lot of renovations.

I’d work all day at my job then renovate at night and all weekend. I loved it and over the years I’ve done more renovations than I care to remember.

I had ‘hustle’

You can get away with burning the candle on both ends when you’re younger.

As I’ve got older I’ve found that I’ve still got tonnes of energy – I just need to consider how I use it more carefully.

Now I prefer to hum along at a comfortable cruise.

The big difference is not that I don’t take on projects like that any more, it’s that I carefully choose what to spend my time on.

The old brain is still sharp as ever – it’s just that I have less tolerance for BS

If something is requiring my attention too much… and that something is not directly producing a result

…or at the very least keeping me entertained – I do my best to drop it.

When you’re young you seem to have all the time in the world to fluff around with silly ideas, or silly people…

But wisdom comes with age and with that a lower tolerance for things and people that want my time and energy and give nothing back in return.

I actually think that this is the key to getting more done.

In Napoleon Hill’s famous book ” think and grow rich” he dedicates an entire chapter to what he calls sex transmutation… The definition and gist of that being that when people (he spoke of men) get to a certain age…

…basically over 40…

Their sex drive becomes lowered and less demanding and they can better channel that energy into other creative pursuits.

It’s the reason he claims so many highly successful people have only achieved great things after they turned 40.

Colonel sanders didn’t start kentucky fried until his 60's for instance.

Hill himself didn’t actually sit down to write his book till much later in life.

So Hill claims this sudden creative renaissance comes from a redirection of inner creative forces previously focused on chasing around looking for partners and keeping the human race alive…

I have another complimentary theory…

It’s that there comes a point in life when you just get sick of dealing with meaningless, tiresome crap and you get really clear on what it is that you want to dedicate your remaining time to.

With a little insight and introspection most people in their 40's or later can look back and see the amount of time they’ve wasted on things that did nothing but waste time…

…they may have seemed important at the time… but with 2020 hindsight were nothing more than (to quote Macbeth) were “full of sounds and fury signifying nothing”

The other side of the coin is this.

When you can clear all that clutter and noise from your life and your mind… things become much simpler.

The smallest thing can be a complete joy and fill your heart with life…

Achieving great things can suddenly seem simple and straightforward.

I’m sure Colonel Sanders could see the entire business and all the steps to achieve it, played out before him step by step by simple step.

What seemed like a massive undertaking when I was a young lad now seems like childsplay and achieving even greater things are just as simple.

Of course I’m not looking for global takeover… I just want to hum along at a comfortable pace…

The difference is that what’s required to achieve my goals is becoming clearer and simpler all the time.

This is the benefit of a little time, and a decision to step out of the hustle and into the hum…

Anyone can do this… it’s just a choice.

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