How To Get 50% To 100% more Cashflow From Your Residential Investment Properties

It’s clear that most “investors” in Australia go for residential properties.

That’s all well and good but what about the cash flow yield… Generally it’s shocking.

Eventually the more adventurous find their way to commercial…

But transitioning from residential to commercial doesn’t need to be such a huge leap or mean that you need to get rid of your existing portfolio in order to lock in some higher yielding commercial.

In this podcast I talk about one of my favourite strategies…

It’s a “pseudo-commercial” strategy that I've been using for years to get more cash flow out of my residential investments.


In this podcast I’ll reveal

–> How you could already be sitting on huge untapped cash flow potential.
–> Where this strategy will (and won’t) work.
–> How to increase cash flow but not increase workload for you.
–> How to make sure your property gets a lower vacancy rate than others in your market.
–> How to get market intelligence about how much you could increase your rent by.
–> How to set your property apart from others to get more cash flow.
–> and much much more…

There are properties up here in Byron that I know make massive income, but Like I said you don’t need to be up here to make this work.

Just apply these ideas and strategies and see how you go: