How to get the best commercial deals

There's an old saying that if you want to get something done you need to give it to a busy person.

It's a counter intuitive thing but I completely get it.

Busy people are busy because they are getting things done.

People who aren't busy are generally wasting time.

Just to be clear, even though I often tell stories of how I go for a surf every morning and hang out with friends afterwards…

Don't let that fool you into thinking that I'm just sitting around all day twiddling my thumbs…

No way!

Ain't no body got me for that

The truth is I've always got somethings going on.

I'm doing things around my property, or I'm checking out a deal for one of my high-level coaching students,

Or I'm doing something with one of my existing deals… Or finding a new deal to play with…

There's always plenty to do.

So I regularly hear from people that there are no commercial properties that are good…

They can't find any good deals with the kinds of returns I usually talk about.

But if I look into what they are doing to find these deals the pattern is generally the same…

They are wasting time – just like a non busy person.

They are dabbling around the edges rather than diving in and making it their mission to find a deal.

I've got more properties to look at that I'd ever have time to do anything with.

The reason why is that I';m always on the phone to one agent or another discussing properties, cap rates, chatting to valuers about areas…

So when these people find a deal they think is good… Who do you think they call first?

They call the guy who is busy in the market… Me.

95 times out of 100 I won't buy the deal… But I'm still top of mind when they are looking for potential buyers, because they know I'm into it… Will check out the deal and, if it's good, will take it seriously.

So my advice, if you are having trouble finding deals that are worth your time, is to get busy in the market.

Get your name out there… Make calls, ask about properties, chat to agents, tell them what you are looking for and your criteria and ask them to call you the moment they find anything like this…

It may take a month of two, but the leads will start to flow, and the great deals will start materialise…

It's worked for me and many others… It will for you too.

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