How to have more energy and get more done in a year.

I'm writing this from the deck of a boat, somewhere off the coast of Greece.

This is me the other day swimming over to Jackie-O's beach hut on Skorpios island.

Taking some time out each year as I do gives me time to think about how I want to spend my days in the coming 11 months before I go on holidays again.

Obviously, I spend time considering what I want to achieve this year.

I set some goals around that.

But I also spend time considering what achieving those goals would mean for me…

How much of a time investment it's going to take to get that goal happening.

  • What will it give me at the end – once completed.
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost me… And what is the opportunity cost of that money being used in that way?

Sometimes there are goals I want to achieve but when I start to dive into it, I see that it's going to cost me in terms of too much time or the opportunity cost is too high… And I have to tweak or set different goals.

Anyway – it's all stuff that I enjoy.

I also consider all the things that I have to do in the following 11 months that I don't like to do… There are always some things that we just have to get done… Even if we don't want to be doing them.

And finally (the third thing), what are the things that I am currently doing that I don't like to do… And don't really have to?

…and I work out ways to minimise or eliminate those.

Here's an insight I had the other day while thinking about all this stuff.

When you are doing stuff you don't want to do… It seems to suck energy.

I was contemplating the stuff I don't enjoy doing and I could feel myself getting tired and I felt like I wanted to take a nap…

Noticing this, I got up for a walk around deck… Went for a swim.

Trying to shake the feeling off.

When I moved onto the things that I wanted to do… That excited me… I felt more energetic.

I not only had more energy… I completely forgot that I was tired not 10 minutes before.

It got me thinking about how many people spend ALL their time doing the stuff they don't want to do.

They go from one draining thing to another trying to “get somewhere” to “achieve something” and really, the entire time they are pushing s#!t uphill because they are fighting their own energy.

That, to me, is a disaster!

That is a travesty of a way to spend a life.

No matter how busy your life is, you MUST make time for the things that give you energy.

Whether that is some small creative pursuit, or reading a good book or going for a walk… You've got to take the time to do that … Daily.

Get a dog, buy a ukulele, walk to the bookshop and pick-up something that looks good… Doesn't matter…whatever it is… Work out what gives you energy…and then make time to do it.

And I'm not talking about that story personal trainers love to drop either… You know the one… “Doing exercise GIVES you more energy”…


I hate going to the gym… It bores me…

But I'll surf all day long… And when I wear my smartwatch I can monitor my heart rate etc… An hour of surfing is a big workout… But I LOVE it – it gives me energy.

What's your “Thing”?

Don't just answer off the cuff… Start to notice where you sit up and get energised when you are talking about it… That's the thing to use… To give yourself more life.

Let me know… I'd love to hear.


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