I Missed This – It’s Amazing!

I was pleasantly surprised.
I discovered a trove of emails from people who have bought commercial properties because of my course.
Check this out:
This is a deal from 18 odd months ago…Some details redacted for privacy…
It took him a while to research and land this deal… but where else can you buy a property for just $350k… and be getting over 11% yield from day one of ownership?
People often say to me that you have to have loads of money to invest in commercial… like be a multi-millionaire already…
Just look at this deal… $350k
Financed at 30% which was taken from some home equity…
The resultant cash flow?
Enough to pay the 70% loan… AND the 30% equity loan and still leave decent spare cash in his pocket every month.
Money he doesn't have to work for!
Yes, I can show you lots of bigger prices deals… but I wanted you to see how, even with small deals – amazing returns are still possible.
These sorts of deals are so close… and they are happening all the time.
Just get on this webinar and book a time to have a chat to one of my team…
They'll show you a calculator where you can work out the kind of cash flow is possible based on the equity or savings you have available to invest.
If you compare it to what you can get from a residential investment – you'll be super happy!

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