Mongolian Commercial Property Wisdom… (Kind-of…)


I'm writing this email on a laptop from the deck of a 45-foot motor boat in the middle of the Mediterranean.

So if there are typos – blame the rocking of the boat, not my chunky fingers.

What am I doing here?

An old friend just bought the boat and needed help piloting it from Alicante in Spain to the Greek isle of Ithaca.

So I volunteered.

That's pretty good of me, right? He didn't have to bribe me or anything…

Out of the kindness of my heart, I offered to help him.

Don't feel bad for me… I'll soldier on.

We're taking it pretty easy, stopping in a port every night so we can eat at local restaurants and stock up for the day ahead.

So I'm sitting on deck, it's late afternoon, I've got a glass of wine and I decided to write you this.



Because this is what I want for you.

This is the life that is possible when your income comes in whether you are up-at-dawn fighting traffic and sitting in a dimly lit office doing crap you don't want to do for an ungrateful bastard of a boss you hate.

…Or whether you are at full sail in the middle of an azure ocean sipping a nice drop if Spanish red.

Here's what's important.

I get that stepping out into property investing can be scary – your first deal will always be nerve-wracking.

If you're already an investor and you are just wanting to make the leap from residential to commercial – well that can be scary as well.

It can be scary if you are faced with the decision of trying to work it out alone or whether to fork out a few grand of your hard earned cash to get some education…

Yep – there are lots of things to be scared of… no question.

and science tells us that most people will do almost anything to avoid the unknown.

They will do more to save a dollar from being taken from them than they ever will to make a dollar.

Most people are scared, stuck and huddled around their meagre lot… protecting it like their life depends on it.

and let me share something with you…

When you are no longer in that place, it can be painful to watch others so desperate and unable to take even the smallest step.

There's a Mongolian story I saw in a movie once:

A group of eagle chicks are huddled in the nest at the top of a mountain cliff

“Come to the edge,” say the parents.

“No it's too high,” say the chicks

“Come to the edge,” say the parents

“No, we will fall” say the chicks

“Come to the edge,” say the parents

and the chicks came, and the parents pushed, and they flew.

I want to leave you with this…

Most people are so used to working a sucky 9-5 job that in their guts they imagine that if their income was replaced by passive income they would be able to sleep in and potter around the house.

Yes, that is true…

But the opportunity here is to think bigger.

You are not finding out about commercial property, by reading this article because you want to potter around the house…

I'm betting there is somewhere in you that is looking for something bigger.

You want to explore, travel…
Or you want to build that project you always wanted…
or you wanted to help others…

I'm guessing you want to be able to do big things, feel inspired and have the feeling of life being a wondrous adventure

I'm guessing that on some level you wanted to fly…

Remember that this big story is bigger than those inconsequential fears… Your fears might be bigger than pottering around the house… but they are not bigger than your wildest most magnificent dreams.

Consider this to be your push… now fly!


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