Power Vs Force: Which are you using?

In any machine – no matter how big it is, there will be a spot in that machinery that is effetely a weak spot.

The lightest touch can halt that part's ability to do its job. When that piece performs a critical function, it means that the lightest touch will bring a halt to the entire machine.

According to a guy called David Hawkins, this is what he calls the “point of power.”

Hawkins did an exhaustive study of this (in a fascinating but very dry book called “power vs force.”)

It's like the 80-20 rule taken to extremes… More like the 1-99 rule.

1% of your action could produce 99% of your results – IF you know where that 1% is.

And there's the rub.

How do you know where the point of power is?

His example talks about stopping a machine but what about starting something?

Can a push in just the right place create massive movement, when a push in the wrong place will create nothing?

So the question really becomes: how exactly do we know where to push?

And does it depend on what we want to have happen?

Here's what I've been thinking about this.

When it comes to property, the real catalyst is people. They are the one thing that create the biggest result.

Think about it like this.

I recently did an extension on a property of mine in Bondi.

I called my architect and talked to him about what could be done on the bit of land out the back.

He put together a proposal for the council.

They said yes, and he went ahead and started designing something.

I called a modular builder who took those designs and tweaked them so they could fit into their modular building methods.

They called the engineers to make sure the designs would work.

I called my finance people who worked out how to get it financed.

They got the loan approval, and the first payment went to the builder so they could get started.

When it was close to being ready, they sent out someone to prepare the site for delivery and installation.

So far I've personally made three phonecalls.
I haven't lifted a hammer, not designed a thing.

(I probably made more than that, but those three were the most effective in terms of getting this project happening.)

Including me doing my numbers to work out if it was doable and some prep work for the finance application, all up it's probably taken me a few hours.

…and I spent a few days in Sydney over the last few months to oversee some details and make sure things were progressing… Not essential but just personal preference.

But this is the perfect example of what I'm talking about.

I know where to push when it comes to this sort of thing, to create the result I want.

But it's not always that easy in other areas of your life.

How for instance would you know where the “point of power” is when it comes to your health, or getting your kids off to a good start in the world?

These are more complicated issues, but I would suggest there is a point of power for those issues too.

It's just a case of working out where that point is.

When it comes to property, there are clearly defined property experts you can call.

There are in health too… and many other areas.

So maybe it's not that hard. If you want something done, it's all about asking the right questions to the right people.

There are all kind of specialists out there… so finding someone who can give you the right answer, and show you what you need to know is well within your reach.

And that's totally doable.

Forget thinking about this like “Investing” – it's too vague.

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