powerful questions powerful results: student case study

After years of residential property investment one student is blown away by what you can achieve with commercial property.

I was talking to one of my mentoring students the other day. 

He’s had an injury which rendered him unable to work soon he had to come up with another way to make a living. He had a family to take care of so this was top priority.

What I like about this story is that this guy asked the right questions… here’s what I mean.

He was sent an invitation to attend one of my commercial property webinars.

He’s never heard of me – didn’t know me from Adam.

But, he listened to the webinar because it was about creating cash flow, which he desperately needed.

At the end of the webinar he asked himself this one important question: “What if I could make this work?”

Boom! That’s powerful.

Many people would ask questions like “Is this guy for real”, “is he going to rip me off?” and other paranoid, self defeating questions… but this guy asked a question of empowerment.

He took responsibility for his results… and he looked at whether the end result was one he was willing to take action for,

“What If I Could Make This Work?”

It’s what you’ve got to do if you want to succeed. I can give you all the tools but unless you learn them and go out and put them into action then nothing’s going to happen. That’s proven.

So what happened?

He invested in my course… 5 months ago.

In the last 5 months he’s bought 3 commercial properties and has created $73,000 a year net passive income (after all expenses but before tax).

And he’s currently negotiating on a 4th property which will take his income even higher.

after years of investing in residential property he told me this morning that he was amazed and he’d never seen anything like this before in terms of cash flow from property.

Told me that he wished he’d discovered commercial years ago… but I hear that one all the time.

Then number of people I find who could’ve been retired years ago but are still rushing around doing deal after deal in the wrong market and missing out on the passive income. It makes me sad sometimes.

But here’s the one thing that’s also important from this story…

Many people think that commercial has no capital growth… that’s one of those myths that keeps people in the residential space.

So one of this guy’s properties is a set and forget style just for income… the other two (plus the one under negotiation) all have upsides for manufactured growth and build in exit strategies should he ever need them.

That’s what I call life security…

That’s what I call income for life… but it’s not going to end there of course…

This has caused his homelife to become more relaxed and easy and he’s a convert… commercial property is now what he wants to do for the rest of his life… he’s totally into it.

The good thing was, he told me, that his son whipped out the calculator at one point and said… “Dad you’re getting over $200 a day passive income… I wish I could get make much”

And he replied “Yep… do you want me to show you how to do that?”

It’s a nice moment when you realise that the passive income you’re creating not only affects your lifestyle but also is going to start affecting others in a positive way to… it’s one of the reasons I teach this stuff.

So what’s your number… What’s the number you need to replace your income so you never need to work again?

When you work from home. When you don’t have to go out and commute to work every day it reduces the amount you need to live in the same style as you live in now down by about 30%.

So when you think about the number you need to get to to allow you to replace your income and have you invest in commercial property full time… it’s even less than you think…

That means that your ticket out of the rat race is actually even much closer that you might think…

And what’s your why?

This guy needed to replace his income because he could no longer work… but he still needed to provide for his family… he had motivation… He had a strong ‘why’. So what’s YOUR WHY?

Why would replacing your income be something you want? In what way would earning your income through the passive income from commercial property change your life?

How would your day to day be different?

Can you image it? Can you picture your lifestyle if you had all the money AND all of the time you needed to enjoy it?

Now ask yourself this: Whats your number? What would it be worth to you to be able to buy back your freedom?

The rat race keeps us slaves… you’ve got to buy your way out of there… How much would you pay to buy back your freedom and get your life back?

Tough questions this time… but take courage and dive in. That’s what this guy did.