Quarter Of A Million Passive Income From A Single Deal

I recently did a short interview with one of my students who just completed an amazing deal.

I recorded this because I wanted my other students to learn from this. However just so others can see what's possible if you learn and know your stuff, this is the shorter abridged version of this interview.

In this interview Tim talks about how he found this property, the deal he created, the money he had to put into this deal and what he's going to get out of it every year. You could practically retire on a deal like this.

Given that Tim attributes being able to pull this deal off because of what he learned in my course it kinda makes the investment in the course seem trivial by comparison.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    My experience with a commercial evaluation was that I put in an offer subject to the valuation and then the Valuer revered to my offer and my Morgage Broker said the valuation is rarely above the offer. This shows me I did it the wrong way around and need the valuation prior to the offer as well as valuing any value add like the realignment. It still seems strange that the bank used the valuation even though the purchase price was about two thirds of that amount. Is that common. Thanks Luke

    1. Hi Luke , It is common for the valuation ( after you have negotiated a price) to come up to that amount or , of course sometimes less. Its rare that the valuation will come up to more than the purchase price as most valuers will say that as you have agreement in a normal sales situation that that is the value. Then to increase the valuation you need to change the income or value add in some way. If the valuation does come to more than the purchase price as it has in this case the bank will generally only lend on the contract price. If you went back and got a re valuation in say 12 months you may be able to get a refinance on the higher than purchase amount. When buying if you cant come up with a fairly accurate number prior to making an offer – by checking recent sales and cap rates one tactic is to have a chat with a local valuer they may give you enough info to arrive at a good price to offer. regards

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