The following are testimonials from James' Students sharing their successful investments because of James' course and coaching


Hi James,

Just like to give you some feedback. We joined you 21st April and 49 days later we have our first commercial property. Yes the owner of the Butchers shop in Landsborough has met us almost in the middle at $310k with a net return of $31,150 – 10.04% now we have to find the money fast and become unconditional.

Initially I was dubious about the whole process and the figures bandied around on your programs just seemed to good to be believed but after getting this I still can’t believe it really. The tenant has agreed to sign a variation of a new 4 year and 3 + 3 option so after 4 years it will be returning 11.75% ($35038pa)

Can’t wait to keep looking for our next deal.



Tim was already experienced in residential property investing and had done many property deals which usually made him around $50k per deal.

Listen to the audio below where Tim explains that his first commercial deal because of James' Program helped him make 15 to 20 times that from just one deal…

Click play and listen to Tim's own words.


From no experience to locking in $10k to $20k positive cashflow from his first deal, Michael shares his experience with James and how he enjoys James no nonsense, no BS approach to helping his students achieve success with commercial propertyListed below to Mike's own words:

Hi James,

“I bought the James Dawson Commercial Property course in May 2015 and have now bought two cash flow positive properties over the last 18 months.

My latest deal is an IGA store in Narrandera NSW with a 5 years lease and another 15 years option.

The asking price was $1.5 mil and after using strategies that are in the course I was able to negotiate the price down to $1.4 mil and secure it against two other bidders. As advised by James doing my due diligence on site was invaluable.

The net rent of the property is $121,663 pa and after interest costs of $70,547 it is $51,116 cash flow positive per annum.

In just 18 months, these two deals have resulted in about $72,000 positive cash flow per year.

I'm planning to buy my next commercial property investment in the new year.

I would strongly recommend James course for anyone who is seriously looking at commercial property investment as you will be having a direct access to James himself with all his years of proven successful commercial property investments. James is always available with his comments, insights and guidance on all potential deals.



I made buying a commercial property a ‘must-do’ in my goal setting for this year as I am looking to retire in 5 years.

I work full-time and cannot (yet) spend time in doing any part time developments so at this stage, I need the “set&forget” style properties.

My first property (a warehouse converted to offices) after all outgoings and loan repayments is positive cash flow of $23,900 from day one and will get to $28,000 by year 3.

I am so enthusiastic about the commercial model James teaches and even though it is totally out of my comfort zone, I decided to go for it.  IT WORKED.

Debra Bathurst

Dear James,

Words cannot describe what your Commercial Property Cash Flow Blueprint course has done for me.

Having lost my employment income due to circumstances beyond my control I was faced with a serious, daunting and impossible task. How do I earn an income?

I receive an invite to attend a webinar with a guy called James Dawson. I have never heard of him, I don’t know who he is or what he does but I am willing to listen to an idea on how to generate cash flow. I finish listening to your webinar and I say to myself what if this could work. I subscribe to your course, start learning and putting one foot in front of the other I have acquired three commercial properties in five months earning $73,000 per annum net (after expenses/before tax). The properties have tremendous yields (8%, 8.35% and 9%), good yield growth, great upside, excellent long term tenancies and an exit strategy in place (should I need it).

I have been investing in residential property for a long time, made good capital returns but I have never witnessed positive cash flow like this.

I am truly amazed at what you can do when the chips are down. Your course has inspired me, given me new hope and direction, brought confidence back and created an incredible cash flow in a short period of time. My wife and children cheer me on each time I get another commercial property. My 15 year old son the other day pulled out his calculator did the math and with a big grin on his face said “hey Dad you are earning $200 every day …that’s amazing! I wish I could earn money like that.” I replied “would you like to learn how?”…his eyes lit up and he said “yes”!

I’m on my way to buying more commercial properties and I am currently negotiating several really good deals. It takes time and effort to find them, research, and to negotiate but in the end you can wrap up awesome deals.

With your innovative ideas and helping guidance you have given me fresh ideas on how to create more capital to continue to grow my portfolio and totally replace my income in a simple, self-fulfilling and rewarding way that I wish I had discovered a long time ago.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. It means so much to me and has restored happiness back into our home. As they say, when preparedness and opportunity meet anything is possible.

Kind regards,


Our very first commercial property deal thanks to James Dawson’s expertise

was a 3 shop property in Wellington nsw

We were able to get the property below asking price thanks to the negotiation techniques we learned from James and we are currently $14k positive cashflow with one of the shops vacant. Once the third shop is leased we will be between $34k and $44k positive cashflow after all expenses and loan repayments.

We also chose this property because it had several hidden upsides and exit strategies which James explained in his commercial property training.

We are very happy with this strategy, our first deal and James’ training.

Carlos and Lini Collins