The Universal Cost Of Inaction

I was on a sales call once…

By that I mean that there was a guy on the phone trying to sell me something, and he said something that, at the time I wrote off as sales trickery.

He said “you've got two choices, you can either keep going the way you've been going or you can choose something new and get results you've never got before”.

You've probably heard something akin to this before if you've been in any kind of wealth or success seeking world, at some point or other.

In linguistics it's called a double-bind. From a sales point of view it works like this:

If you present someone two choices and tell them they have two choices, the human brain will automatically start to choose from the available choices…

It's like a knee-jerk reaction.

Do you want red or white wine?

Do you want your range rover in black or white?

Do you want fries or a drink with that?

The brain, it seems will tend to go in one of the two choices presented. The brain will look at the choices rather than looking at the underlying assumption – in this case, that there are only two choices.

Do I want red or white wine? Or do I want something completely different? Or nothing?

Do I want a white or black range rover?

Hang-on a minute… what about a red one?

What about blue?

What about a not getting a Range Rover at all and getting a Jeep SRT instead?

Fries or a drink with that big mac?

What about I garnish some sardines with chocolate sauce and wash it down with some peri-peri.

Which, by the way, I'd much rather do than eat that swill that comes with coke and fries. But that's another story…

Just as an aside, the antidote to the double bind is time…

Give yourself a minute to step back and consider if what is being presented is actually factual…

But avoiding sales calls is not what this post is about.. actually, it's kind-of the opposite.

After I got off the call that choice stuck with me for quite a few days.

It wasn't the choice that stuck with me, but the first bit…” you can choose what you've always chosen and keep getting the results you've always gotten.

When I stepped back on that one, I started considering if that assumption was true.

I'm no science buff, but I remember this from school:

Entropy is the lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder or a zero state (lack of energy).

It seems to me that the universe is an entropic machine and that we as people who do things in the world to create order and new situations are an anti-entropic force.

However, if we are not creating and choosing to engage in new activity to forge new order or create new things, then we are by nature going to decline toward a zero state.

Think about it like this.

You work for money.

Bills come and take that money (that's the universe trying to push your creation toward zero).

You work harder, and then the government take more of your income in taxes (clearly the government is working for entropy…)

If you choose what you've always chosen, then you are not creating… you are not channelling new energy into spawning new creations.

…And if that's the case, then the forces of entropy (through whatever minions it can find) will exert greater and greater influence over you.

Basically – if you don't constantly seek to learn new skills, try new things, create new order, evolve greater parts of yourself and become more than you were yesterday… You're stuffed.

It reminds me of that line out of the Shawshank Redemption: “You either get busy living or get busy dying…” (try and say that in your head in a Morgan Freeman voice – it sounds even more poignant.)

So I've started to see the government and big business as “evil entropy” trying to crush everybody down into a zero state, and myself as a secret agent working against “the man” by teaching people how to break out, dream, conceive and create new lives for themselves…

Like “secret squirrel”, for commercial real estate, and my band of rebels, desperados and freedom fighters. Viva la commerciaaal.

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