Where people lose focus


I wanted to share something that I believe holds a lot of people back from achieving more. It's to do with where you focus… And one thing you may be forgetting to focus on.

Your first instinct might be to say “Nah-James that doesn't happen for me”, but you'd be surprised how often I see this one thing come up fro people in all kinds of subtle and covertly unconscious ways.

Happens to me all the time.

It's this:

The feeling that because someone else has done more, got better results or is way, way ahead of you, that you can't get to the same place too.

Here's what I'm talking about

People often say to me “It's OK for you James – you started investing in commercial years ago when it was easier and more profitable – I can't afford to get in now”

First of all, let me tell you – it was not easier… I invested through interest rates being at 17% – compared to that right now is an amazing time to get in.

But interest rates aren't really what I'm talking about… I'm talking about the feeling of overwhelm that comes from seeing the man at the top of the mountain and the massive climb ahead of you to get to the same place.

People often think that because I've created a great real estate portfolio that I've made it to the top of the mountain…

That couldn't be further from the truth.

My next door neighbour is Mark Bouris from Yellow Brick Road.
He's way wealthier than me. Although when we're leaning on the fence like a couple of old codgers spinning some yarns, you'll see he's just a regular bloke. Quite down to earth at the end of the day.

Over the road is the guy who was the inventor and owner of the patent for the JetSki… Seriously.
He said to me once “James I never take a commercial flight – I only ever fly by private jet.”

Are they at the top of the mountain?

I could certainly look up and say I've got a way to climb before I get there… But, in reality, no… They're not there either.

There will always be someone ahead of you… And someone behind you…

Here's what I mean…

I guarantee that there will be some people who are looking at where you are and saying “I wish I were there.”

Out there, there are people who are struggling wishing that they were in your position.

The point is this.

Forget the people you are looking up at. Forget the people looking up at you. Just focus on where you are right now.

There are always wins to be had and potential mistakes to be made. That's just life.

But I believe that when you don't focus on the moment… When you are looking behind you or looking up the mountain wishing you were somewhere you're not, you increase the chances of (what they call in tennis) unforced errors.

Being anywhere but where you are right now is mental clutter that will only cause trouble – and can never help.

The sunny silver lining of doing that is that you will also be more present to all the good things and good people around you.

I've seen people who get so obsessed with wealth that they start to lose touch with how great the world around them can be…

They forget to stop and smell the roses, and it begs the question – why would you bother creating wealth if not to make time to do exactly that.

We're all on the path up the mountain that has no top, so postponing stopping and smelling the roses means you'll never get to enjoy where you are right now…

You've got to make time now, in this very moment, to appreciate where you are…

Then, when you feel filled up with how great your life actually is, then you can get back to business.

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