Why ‘Thinking’ is Useless for Achieving Success

Where do we think from?

Most people would say that it's the head… Or the brain that does the heavy lifting in that area.

Think about thinking for a second and point to where it's happening and 98.7% of people will point to their head.

A few new-agers will point to the heart.

The rest will give you a blank stare.

For me I can see that the brain does make a lot of noise. Whether that is actually thinking or not depends on whether you believe the brain's marketing campaign that it's the most important organ in the body.

But you've got to realise that it's a cultural thing.

Not all cultures believe that thinking originates from the brain.

And I tend to agree.

Here's the way I look at it.

Taking in information happens in the brain but the processing of that information into something that's useable happens in the belly.

This is where many cultures believe the real action happens.

This is also the place where action begins…

You think about something… But thinking doesn't actually get anything done in the real world.

It's only when you take that information down into your belly… And find the place where your motivation ignites… That's when you get up off the banana lounge and actually take action on it.

The belly is the place where the really good stuff starts.

The belly is the place where movement begins.

From a martial arts point of view – this is where your power lies.

Ask any Aikido-ist and they will tell you that it doesn't matter how strong someone is in the arms…

Doesn't matter if they can “Bench 150kg”

The real power is in the belly… That's why a 65kg girl can throw a 120k bloke on his arse if she has tapped that power.

It's also the reason, I believe, why so many people never DO anything.

You can read my blog, you can suck up all the information you can… You can join my commercial investing training program…

And get all the facts you need to be able to take action.

But if you don't find a way to take that data and bring it down into the belly…

So that you action it and put it into practice… Nothing in your life will change.

It's the same reason addicts can't give up the fags or the booze… They can think about it 'till the cows come home… But until they can FEEL their lives without those vices… They can't make that addiction-free life a reality.

It all comes down to the “FEELS.”

You've got to be able to FEEL that life you want as a reality.

You've got to be able to FEEL what it's like to have that commercial property that is earning you cashflow… What it FELT like to have that cash flow coming in every single week.

Only then will you find the place in yourself where you are motivated to get up, op your shoes on, and walk out the door to put your plans into action.

Next time you get a BIG IDEA – just take a second to notice where it is in your body, and take a minute to feel what it was like to have that action come to fruition.

I know that sounds new-agey but in reality, it's the wisdom of some very old cultures. More importantly, you can verify what I'm saying if you just take a few minutes and notice where your focus is when you are totally motivated to get up and do something.

Check it out for yourself… Just for fun.

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