How To Choose The Right Builder For Your Next Commercial Development

Over the years I’ve done various forms of works on commercial properties, from simple renovations to full developments and one thing I’ve learned is this: Not every builder is going to right for your job. Thanks to trial, error and many years under my belt in the commercial space I’ve developed a few rules to help me always find the right building for the job, the budget and the timeline. In today’s podcast I share with you the benefit of many mistakes and much experience …

Curing Deal Breaking Due Diligence Obstacles

How to cure deal breaking due diligence obstacles you might find when you are investigating otherwise attractive commercial deals.   Sometimes a deal looks great, but when you start looking closer you find things in the due diligence that turns you off.   Sometimes these things might be red-flags telling you to move on, other time it’s can just take a little creativity to turn the deal around and make it work.   I’ve seen too many deals go sour because the buyer has not …

How To Get 50% To 100% more Cashflow From Your Residential Investment Properties

It’s clear that most “investors” in Australia go for residential properties. That’s all well and good but what about the cash flow yield… Generally it’s shocking. Eventually the more adventurous find their way to commercial… But transitioning from residential to commercial doesn’t need to be such a huge leap or mean that you need to get rid of your existing portfolio in order to lock in some higher yielding commercial. In this podcast I talk about one of my favourite strategies… It’s a “pseudo-commercial” strategy …

[PODCAST] Getting Big Returns From Small Spaces

Thanks to higher rents, lower vacancies, high competition and more internet sales, small spaces are becoming a new high-yielding trend in commercial property. Creative use of small spaces and e-commerce connected boutique stores and allowing many retailers to make better use of small spaces and increasing profits from lower rents. This allows landlords to break up their properties into more, small spaces, diversifying their rental income and increasing yields. This is a strategy that more and more landlords can begin to use as this new trend continues …

Why I told my young niece to go commercial

My niece was looking to buy her first investment property and sent me a house selling for 400k wanting to know what I think. I made this podcast for her and you… comparing her house with a 400k commercial property I found online this afternoon. Not sure what to buy – this will show you the difference in returns.  

How To Find The Perfect First Deal

“How do I find the perfect first deal and how do I know it’s the right deal once I’ve found it”. If there’s one question that comes up more than any other, especially by people wanting to start investing in commercial property, it’s that one. It’s important when you are starting to understand how a professional commercial investor chooses and assess a property and what you need to focus on for your first deal. I also discuss the cost of focusing on the wrong thing. …

[PODCAST] Quick Commercial Property Equity Boost Technique

There are many ways to boost equity, some are quicker that others, some are more work than others. In this podcast I discuss one technique which can often be very little effort and get a really great result in just a few months.  

How to identify the best commercial deals

In this podcast we discuss how to identify what I look for in a good commercial deal, How to identify the best deals and where the best growth can be found or created.

Common Commercial Property Investing Questions Episode 3

This is the third and final of this mini-series on answering common commercial questions. These are questions that seem to come up time and again and represent basic misunderstandings or situations which need a specific answer… so here they are.